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There isn’t anything much more frustrating than a vehicle that won’t start. Unfortunately, determining the cause of the problem is not always a simple, straight­forward task.

You may assume that the solution is a car starter repair, however, there are several different components within your vehicles ignition system that can be the cause of the vehicle’s failure to start.

Recognizing which symptoms truly relate to your starter and the steps to a proper diagnosis are important to understand.


  • Click, click, click – if this is all you get when you turn the key.


  • No sound at all and not even an attempt to turn on the engine, this could be definitely a problem, but it may or may not be the starter, it may be just a dead battery, a symptom of a bad starter, especially if your lights and other battery-operated items function normally.

However, the starter is not the only component that could create the mentioned symptoms. A quick check in our workshop is the best way to assess and repair the issue.

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What is an Alternator?

An alternator is a vital component of a vehicle’s charging system.

An alternator, a voltage regulator and the battery are the three main components in maintaining a vehicle’s electricity always available.

The alternator, in conjunction with the battery, creates electric power, which is used by electrical system components such as the display unit, exterior and interior lighting.

The electric power is generated by the alternator operating between 2000 to 6000 rpm.

Sometimes components of the alternator deteriorate or break, as result there will be less electric power produced (in some cases can stop completely), causing malfunctions for the vehicle.


At Randwick Auto Electricians, We have cutting­edge diagnostic technology, and our highly qualified staff has the experience needed to pinpoint the source of your vehicle’s non­start issues.

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Starter replacement is often more cost­effective than the cost to repair starter motors.

If it is accurately determined that the starter is the source of the problem, our technicians will provide you with a complete diagnosis and a detailed estimate on the recommended car starter repair or replacement.

No repairs will take place without your specific authorization.

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