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Track & Immobilise your vehicle - anytime, anywhere in the world.
Mongoose brings you not just a GPS tracker but also a text controlled engine immobiliser.
The VT401 is a highly accurate real time GPS tracker with the security of being hardwired into your vehicle and its security system - if your alarms siren sounds or the vehicles battery runs low, it rings your mobile phone (as a warning only - no voice communication ) and sends a text message with the nature of the alert as well as its geographical location.
* Not applicable for OEM alarms with horn honk.

How do I Track it?

You can ask the location at any time by either calling by mobile phone or by sending a text message to the tracker. The tracker replies by text with its location by latitude and longitude . Just type the co-ordinates into Google Maps/Earth on any PC , laptop, or GPS navigator to show the location.
The tracker can also text you its location automatically at time intervals of your choice from 1 minute to 99 hours apart, all controlled by simple text messages from your mobile phone. When input into Google, your computer can keep a record of time, date and locations.

Unlike some other systems, your only costs are:

The initial purchase price & NO software to buy
A SIM Card and its usage ( basic plan recommended )


How do I immobilise the vehicle?

Just send a password protected text message to turn the immobiliser on or off. The tracker will ask for confirmation before it immobilises. just to be safe.
Note: We only recommend immobilization of the starter circuit which prevents engine starting.

How do I know if a work vehicle is being used out of area?

Easy. Our Geo-fence function lets you set a radius of travel from a central point. If the vehicle moves outside this permitted area, you will get a warning message (ring and text) .. When the vehicle re-enters the permitted area, you will get another warning. This dual warning gives to the time scale of travel in and out of the area. Radius can be set from 100 meters to 999kms.


Manual and automatic tracking
Vehicle alarm sounding - phone rings and text alert.
SOS - phone rings & text alert. (rings are alerts only - no voice communication possible)
Geo- fence - set a restricted area of movement. (Radius of permitted travel).
Choose your own password to protect all commands and usage.
Communication via GSM mobile phones or GPRS*
Mobile phones & text messages control the tracker
Data includes latitude/longitude, time , date ,speed, direction of travel.
Communicates with up to 3 mobile numbers
Low vehcile battery alert.
Power saver funciton with auto turn on via built in motion sensor.
Easy installation - just four basic wires (+ immobilisation)
Magnetic GPS and Hi-Gain on screen GSM antenna requires GSM SIM card. * This tracker is capable of GPRS communication. Please revisit the website for future information

Want to know where it is? Just call the tracker from your mobile phone and it replies with a text message giving its latitude and longitude - just type the co-ordiantes on any computer into Google Maps/Earth to find the location.

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